Several different cottages and villas in Lehmonkärki

Our villas are manufactured from round logs and located far away from each other an a ridge-like cape. Almost all of the villas have private beaches. Own yard, rowboat, pier and a good sandy beach guarantee your privacy. You can choose a cottage or a villa that suits your purposes; from cottage for a small family to a villa for up to 24 persons. You can have a small birthday party at "your own summer house".

The cottages and villas are available all year around and they are well-equipped. Every cottage and villa include a sauna. All Lehmonkärki's cottages and villas are Malo quality classified.

Choose the suitable summer house for a holiday or weekend

Lehmonkärki can accommodate about 120 persons at the same time:

  • 3 villas for 8+2 persons
  • 2 villas for 6+1 persons
  • 2 villas for 6+1 persons
  • 2 villas for 4+1 persons
  • 3 villas for 2+2 persons
  • Vip villa for 10+4 persons
  • Villa Aurum for 14-20 persons

Villa Aurum can be rented as the whole villa or you can just have a bed & breakfast. All bedrooms include a private bathroom. 

You can rent the one you like among the villas located in Asikkala, Päijät-Häme region with their own private beaches for a holiday, a get-together or a meeting. Read more about cottages and villas from "Villas" and "VIP Villas" sections.

Please contact us and have a relaxing holiday in Lehmonkärki, Asikkala!

  • Villa Vellamo

  • Villa Vellamo suite

  • VIP Villa

    Read more of our VIP Villas.
  • Villa Ilmatar

    It is possible to use a hot tub with sauna in Ilmatar.