Family parties

Have a party in Asikkala, near Lahti

Lehmonkärki and its beautiful surroundings offer an unforgettable setting for the most important parties of your life. VIP Villa Isohaapa on the shore of Lake Päijänne is an excellent place to have, for example, a wedding, a family reunion or a birthday party.

"The moon is bright but the sun beats it; the gaze of your honey goes through your heart."

Choose the right space for your party

When arranging the most important party of your life, many issues need to be taken care of. We can guide you to plan for example the weddings. We have plenty of experience from weddings, and we acan make it easier for you. We have many different spaces for different type of parties and events. For the bigger parties (max. 120 persons) we have the VIP Villa Isohaapa and restaurant Ometta. Smaller parties can be organized in villas and Villa Aurum, Haanokki and Hunting Lodge.

Lehmonkärki catering

Lehmonkärki catering will take care of the food for every kind of party. We will notice special diets and wishes. Have a look at the example menus of "Catering" -section. Menus can be ordered as they are or you can change them according to your wishes. Please take contact and let's plan a functional menu together.

It is possible to stay over in Lehmonkärki after the party. There are several different cottages and villas in the Lehmonkärki area.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can plan the event of your life together!

  • Vip Villa Isohaapa

    Wedding setting in vip villa Isohaapa.
  • Buffé at Vip Villa Isohaapa

    Delicious buffé with local food.