Husky safari

No noisy machines or the smell of gasoline but only the sound made by runners on the snow. Sounds good?

After the initial excitement you can experience the feeling that makes Lehmonkärki dogsled safaris more and more popular every year. The wolf-like but gentle huskies are born to run. The dogs are friendly, alert and always ready to run. Sled dogs have a burning desire to run and work. We can offer a dog sled with four, six or eight huskies to offer your corporate guests an unforgettable experience.

Dog sledding is an unequalled experience. You can feel the dogs enjoy when they whisk you along in the beautiful, wintry Päijät-Häme scenery. It is easy to control a dog team. Before embarking on our safari, we will check that we have all the gear we need and offer you the training you need to have a safe safari.

  • Husky safari in the views of the Lake Päijänne

    You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Lake Päijänne during a husky safari.
  • Gentle huskies are born to run

    Friendly huskies will make your day special.


The Siberian Husky is a medium-size, wolf-like, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in eastern Siberia. It is recognisable by its thickly furred double coat, sickle tail, erect triangular ears, and distinctive markings.