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Meetings in Lahti region, Asikkala - the memorable experience

Make a decision you won’t regret and have your next meeting at Lehmonkärki by the Lake Päijänne. Lehmonkärki’s Meeting Services offer professional meeting services for companies. Our versatile meeting facilties that are easy to modify, all the necessary meeting equipment and our professional staff guarantee that your meeting will be a success. Our meeting place is located in Asikkala, Päijät-Häme region near Lahti and only 1,5 hour drive away from Helsinki.

Several different size conference rooms available by the Lake Päijänne

We have several different size conference rooms. As a meeting place, Lehmonkärki is peaceful and conference rooms are far away from each other so the privacy is guaranteed. It is possible to have a meeting for up to 80 persons in Lehmonkärki. In every conference room, except Vip Villa Isohaapa, it is possible to stay over. Those who have their meeting in Vip Villa Isohaapa, can stay over at the other villas in Lehmonkärki area. Villas are located in walking distance from Isohaapa.

Every conference room have also own sauna with a dressing room and a lavatory. During sauna, you can use a hot tub or rent a chimneyless sauna, which is located right by the Lake Päijänne.

Delicious meeting menus keep your mind alert for the whole meeting day

Lehmonkärki is known for its tasty food; if necessary, we can cook even in exotic surroundings. If you want to experience something different, we will organize a dinner in Hunting Lodge. Hunting Lodge can be also used as a conference room. You can choose the one that is perfect for your event from our kitchen’s delicious menus. We offer everything from meeting dinners to themed evenings with program. Between lunch and dinner we offer afternoon coffee with sweet or salty pastries. If necessary, we will bring the food and beverage straight to the conference room, so you don't have to move from space to space to eat.

Choose the one you like of meeting package or let's organize a functional meeting for you together

We have been planned a few meeting packages but we serve every meeting group individually. You can choose the one you like or change them to fit better for your purposes. If necessary, we will organize a meeting package just for you. Today meeting doesn't have to be just sitting in a conference room, eating and bathing in the sauna. Instead, you can have a variety of programs beside your meeting to offer the participants new experiences and improve the team spirit.


  • Have a meeting in our newest design Villa Vellamo

  • Delicious meeting menu in Ometta

    Setting of the meeting menu.
  • Meeting facilities by the Lake Päijänne

    Meeting facilities of Lehmonkärki are located by the Lake Päijänne.