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Restaurants in Lehmonkärki

Lehmonkärki include several restaurant facilities full of feeling for corporate or family events. The facilities can be changed to suit the nature of each event. You can experience the feeling of the Oscar Gala at VIP Villa Isohaapa, have an evening of delicacies in Restaurant Ometta from the late 18th century or enjoy seven types of pastries in Haanokki’s Emprire-style hall. You can also participate in a Medieval party in our Log Fortress.

Have a closer look at the menus of themed evenings from "Themed dinners" section.

Privacy of the parties is guaranteed

Since our restaurants are open on order, the customers will have privacy both during their family parties and corporate events. Our biggest restaurants are Vip Villa Isohaapa and Restaurant Ometta and both of them are big enough for 120 persons. Isohaapa and Ometta are located quite far away from each other so we can guarantee the privacy of the party.

Delicious evenings every summer

In July we arrange delicious evenings at Ometta Restaurant starting at 6:00 pm. All tourists and summer residents of the area are welcome. Please book a table in advance. Ometta is located two kilometers away from the villa area and there is a license to serve all alcohol beverages.

Pendoino train will transport

Customers do not need any transportation of their own at Lehmonkärki when going from restaurant to the villas; instead, Lehmonkärki's own legenday Pendolino will transport customers to the restaurant and back to the Lehmonkärki villa area on order.

  • Ometta Restaurant

  • Outside of Ometta during the summertime

  • Delicious party menu in Ometta

    Party menu setting.
  • Hunting Lodge Restaurant