Sauna world

A new sauna world with a glass sauna has been completed by the Vip Villa Isohaapa's terrace next to the Lake Päijänne. Glass sauna opens the view directly to the Lake Päijänne and there are hot tub with massage functions and a tub with cold water in front of glass sauna. A glass sauna, an 100-years old chimneyless sauna, an electric sauna, and the tubs together create an unique sauna world that you can't see anywhere else. You have an opportunity to have a swim in the Lake Päijänne and then go back to the heat of the sauna. There are license to serve all alcohol beverage in sauna area so we can organize a pool bar for you and your friends by the hot tub. You don't need to get up to get some refreshments.


  • Number of persons: for up to 100 persons
  • Facilities: 3 different saunas, 2 separate lavetory and dressing rooms
  • Food and drinks on order
  • Specialities: Pool bar, terrace by the lake, outdoor hot tub with maddage functions, a hole in the ice in wintertime


Other saunas


Villa 1, an addition to our series of VIP villas, includes a versatile sauna world. The villa includes a hi-tech sauna, a traditional continuously heated lakeside sauna and a premium-class hot spring with massage functions.

The bathers will have the first-class location on the good sandy shore where the evening sun shines. The sauna entity can be expanded by using the steam sauna in Villa 2; if this is done, guests will have three separate saunas and their dressing rooms at their disposal.

  • Number of persons: 15 persons at the same time
  • Facilities: One large sauna, a washroom with several showers, a dressing room, a toilet, a pleasant fireplace room
  • Specialities: Own swimming pier, a hot tub (as an option)

There are private saunas in all accommodation villas.

For newest extra we have an iglu sauna for boaters. Ask more from our sales.

  • Experience a new glass sauna.

    The glass sauna is located right next to the hot tub.
  • Experience the sauna world

    Sauna world includes different saunas and a hot tub.
  • New Iglu Sauna

  • Hot Tub