VIP Sauna Isohaapa

The sauna milieu of VIP Sauna Isohaapa is a spa-like entity where even a larger group can enjoy a hot sauna. The sauna facilities are a part of a meeting and party venue and easy to reach.

There is an open fireplace in the fireplace room and a refrigerator to keep your drinks cool. You can dip into Lake Päijänne both in summer and winter or enjoy a hot tub with massage functions. There is also a hand-crafted traditional chimneyless sauna manufactured from logs right next to the sauna terraces. The chimneyless sauna seats eight to ten persons. A new glass sauna is right next to chimneyless sauna and a hot tub. Magnificent views to the Lake Päijänne.

  • Number of persons: 20–40 at the same time,
  • Even larger groups (100 persons) can flexibly bathe because there are several saunas in the area.
  • Facilities: One large sauna, a washroom with several showers, a spacious dressing room, a toilet, a pleasant fireplace room and living rooms, a sauna bar with a refrigerator for drinks, an open fireplace
  • Specialities: Own swimming pier, a fireplace room, a hot tub (as an option), a hole in the ice for swimming during the wintertime, a chimneyless sauna (as an option), a glass sauna (as an option)
  • Book a sauna world to your group, several separate saunas and hot tubs

    Enjoy hot tubs and good steam and heat in sauna.