Saunas in Lehmonkärki

There are many different way to have a sauna evening in Lehmonkärki. Even larger groups can easily bathe in saunas because we have several saunas. Every villa has own sauna and there's also a big vip sauna in VIP Villa Isohaapa. Vip sauna can be rented for companies or for private customers. The real chimneyless sauna is located right next to the Lake Päijänne. There is also a hot tub and a new glass sauna by vip sauna and chimneyless sauna. There are hot tubs by the most of the villas as well. Besides the regular saunas and the chimneyless sauna, there are several different saunas in Lehmonkärki area; traditional sauna, lakeside sauna, genuine wood-heated oven sauna and a special sauna (e.g. steam feature)

Sauna evening in Asikkala by the Lake Päijänne

A sauna, Lake Päijänne and Night Spa will crown a long day of meeting or customer event. The sheltered shore of Lake Päijänne offers a peaceful bathing environment. Vip sauna Isohaapa has a license to serve all alcohol beverages that extend all the way to to the terrace and hot tub. It is allowed to bring own alcohol drinks to other saunas. It is possible to order a dinner after bathing in sauna to wherever you want. For example: sauna in VIP Villa Isohaapa's downstairs and dinner in Isohaapa's upstairs.